Each Pitt Artist Pen has the size indicated on the pen. You will find this detail on the end of the cap and at the end of the pen barrel.

B = Brush and Big Brush

1 to 5mm and 1 to 8mm.

Available in 60 bold, rich colors plus the new white addition. 

SB = Soft Brush

0.5 to 5mm

Available in 11 colors: Dark Indigo, Light Indigo, Cold Grey VI, Warm Grey V, Warm Grey IV, Cold Grey IV, Cold Grey III, Warm Grey III, Cold Grey I, and Warm Grey I.

SC = Soft Chisel

1 to 3mm

Available in Black.

M = Medium


Available in 3 colors: Black, Dark Sepia and Sanguine.

F = Fine


Available in 3 colors: Black, Dark Sepia and Sanguine.

S = Superfine


Available in 8 colors: Phthalo Blue, Orange Glaze, Middle Purple Pink, Magenta, Cobalt Green, May Green, Deep Scarlet Red and Indanthrene Blue.

XS = Extra Superfine


Available in Black.

C = Calligraphy


Available in 14 colors: White, Green Gold, Sanguine, Pink Carmine, Magenta, Indanthrene Blue, War Grey III, Chromium Green Opaque, Raw Umber, Dark Sepia, Walnut Brown, Nougat, Warm Grey IV and Black.

1.5 = Bullet


Available in 8 Colors: Black, White and Metallics - Gold, Silver, Copper, Ruby, Blue and Green.

2.5 = Bullet 


Available in White.